sábado, enero 17, 2015


To Danielle everything seemed absurd, again she opened her eyes more excited than ever. She had tried to hold back but could not stop thinking about it; in the neighbor behind the window. A month ago, that sexy man had moved into the apartment next door and every time Danielle was peeking into the kitchen, he was there smoking .
  The first time they met was when she was returning from the market, which experienced seeing the man who left her thirsty and pale, not only because her eyes jumped as machines fortune, but to feel his body when they crashed together in the street ... That was amazing she thought, that such a burly man with broad shoulders and narrow hips, long hair and wild eyes only existed in magazines . "Really? "She said while licking her lips reducing step in slow motion, The wild man,  was moving into the building next door and she had to know which department specifically was he going to get . Not because she will date him or something, but out of curiosity.

So she was engrossed  in her thoughts when she was surprised by a small box that said "fragile" and almost fall down. but the stranger instinctively stretched his muscular arm to rescue her from falling into pavement. After several "auch "She got his breath exhaling longer than normal. His clumsiness caused laughter in the truck driver that looked the situation.
"Sorry I'm a fool," said the soft voice in her ear. She shuddered. The truck driver threw an uncontrollable laugh, but the wild man glared at him.
My name is Joseph Jenner. He shook her hand and she unflinchingly followed the heat and roughness of that palm certainly very masculine and wild. He waited for her answer, but she was stunned  looking his brown hair waving in the breeze of April. He  had a square face and beautiful smile.
—Do you have a name honey? asked him smiling sideways slightly raising the cheek.
— Mmm ... I'm sorry, I'm Danielle Hampshire. I live in the building next door. —The last word she said was about to faint but she focused again in the  green eyes that had in front of her. felt her heart pumped more blood than usual. Her body was so thin, a few extra pounds she was willing to go down with Zumba. Had the angelic, innocent and kind face, but her eyes behind those blue eyes, was sexy. At least that Joseph thought when he first saw her.
Much like Danielle, we will be overlooked. And that's good because as I'm new in the neighborhood, I need some references about the place. His hand pointed to the next block. Her knees trembled and Danielle was unable to recover from that shock. "You are pure testosterone" thought for herself. Listening to his husky  voice, she got mesmerized for a second. When Danielle came back to reality, Joseph hoped their interaction. He had doubts about her answer.
Sure, any day. ... "I'm an idiot, I know I cannot walk around with that sexy man knowing I have a story that may be complicated" .. See you later I guess. She reluctantly said goodbye and breathed deeply to return to her hell.
"The alarm roused me from my slumber reminding me that those delicious snoring of  Larry, My husband-no longer had a hint of sexy. He's late at night and goes to bed without saying anything, without turning his face towards me or kiss me. It has become an iceberg, the tip of the iceberg where no woman wants to go. Could someone  be erased his memory and forget that I got needs? That's not all: "Danielle have to pay the phone" "Danielle where is the dinner " sighed mad at him, with this bitter life I'm living after 15 years together. I pressed my lips compressing a little anger and sadness. I sighed as always and waked up before "Larry, it's time." His body rolled slightly  while I was running to the bathroom.
I came out wrapped in a towel, put a calypso into my feets felt his touch in my arm when he went to the bathroom. was something casual.  I went straight to the room of Ashton, our 8 years son.
- Good morning baby, I whispered and he kissed me back. What deep satisfaction  I felt when he opened up his eyes and called me "Mom". It was all that injected me energy, my reason for breathing.
-Hello mom, today is the spelling bee competition. -He said excited.  I'd forgotten, I confess.
-Yes honey, I'll be at that time in school ok?.
- What about Dad? -His  eyes aroused much curiosity, he knew something was not right between his father and me. I tried to hide as much as I could but he is so smart that was impossible. The  intelligence level of my son exceeded the average, according to psychological tests indicated that he had the mentality of a teenager.
-We'll have to ask him if you  he can leave work earlier today. so now go to take a shower while I do  breakfast.
He took off his  soldiers pajamas pulled it into the basket and ran into the bathroom with a radiant smile. I sighed with relief to  prepare some eggs with bacon and hot cakes; Larry was sitting at the table reading the newspaper.
- Are you going to go to the Ashton's contest? -I said in a cordial tone.
-Today I have a lot of work, I go to the city. -He  ran his hands through the abundant hair and smooth. Ashton was a photocopy of his father, Larry had his jet-black eyes, cinnamon skin. The oval face and a beautiful smile, was one of the things that made me fell in love with him. long before he became a cold husband.
I did not say anything else, I served coffee pursing my lips not to explode before that Ashton lean out the door. The last days of our relationship were comparable to a battlefield or a boxing ring.


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