sábado, enero 17, 2015


I was standing glued to the wooden main door to my apartment, with my heart beating as  horse races. Those minutes that I spent in front of him took me out of control. Having that man so close , means danger and a warning sign. Iwas sure that Two things could happen: I was running out of time as a "married woman" or I would discover a very wild and sexy part of me.
Seriously, that part  had completely been forgotten of my brain, or actually I haven't had it before .  My head almost robotically refused that part but my hormones caused me unknown sensations.
I pressed the power button on my laptop and opened the music player, put the remix of zumba, had not attended the last two classes so I had to catch up with the choreography. I took advantage of the solitude of my apartment to get undress as if taking off my blue jeans and white jacket, were completely forgetting my miserable emotional state: "A future divorced". I released my blonde hair with both hands while the first song was playing in the background; it was a salsa version and I loved it, I had learned to move my hips and liberate my body to a complete and sexy move. Also, always thought Latin movements could be so fucking hot. Specially salsa, and in that occasion, Celia Cruz sounded with "Life is a carnival" while she the rest of the song was making me sweat by those wonderful musical instruments. It was so cool feeling  the  feet moving by themselves.
Free and happy is the best description of feeling. when I dance, everything take a special color. I remember my boobs jumping inside of that pink bra. Not everyday I had a chance to be myself and when it happen, I had to enjoy it.

  The song ended, but  hip hop automatically made me move againg side to side that hips. Feeling the rhythm of Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, undertook a journey sweat from my forehead to my hips. I was completely immersed and concentrated in the musical pleasure. Seemed like a baby playing with toys, 'cause even I pretend to ride a horse with my broomstick. I was amused to think that what was driving, I do not know if I was crazy or injecting a little joy to my mental chaos. I was thirsty so  walked to the kitchen to get some water, to my surprise, I almost fainted when saw that man again and realized I was nude.  Joseph was looking at me seductively while he was smoking a cigar. OMG, did not what to do at that moment.  'cause it was not the fact I got nervous, it was that he is so hot, so special and unreal. did I mention sexy word? He smiled making me feel terrible and ashamed. "! ! ! Damn! I'm a fool! ", I forgot the curtain. I did not know exactly how long he was there but his lascivious expression seemed to have a lot of time taking ardent thoughts with me.

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